Questions about translating


Not in i18n:
Timber Guard
Goal Name(s)
Hunting Party
Goal Name:Bonus
Protect and Serve
Code comment(s)
Hunters and Prey
Code comment(s)
Library Tactician
Code comment(s)
Steelclaw Gaps
Code comment(s)
Goal Name:Summon 16 Units
Mixed Unit Tactics
Code comment(s)
Misty Island Mine
Code comment(s)
Sowing Fire
Code comment(s)


@juraj_pechac, think I got them all.


THX but more ogres and problems coming …

Grim determination:
Code comments


Done, @juraj_pechac, If you find more, please let me know


Summits Gate
Code comments
Reaping Fire
Code comments


Done and done! Didn’t imagine there were a lot of them missing


Toil and Trouble
Code comments
Raiders of the Long Dark
Code comments
Skating Away
Code comments
Cloudrip Siege
Code comments
Cloudrip Treasure
Code comments
Forest Flower Grove
Code comments
Kithgard Apprentice
Code comments

Problem VI:

Question I:
"artillery": 69.4 splash DPS
What is splash DPS ?


All the missing code comments’ i18n you pointed out are now fixed


Splash DPS: the amount of damage per second that it does to all targets in a splash radius around the impact point.


Not in i18n:

Game Development 1,2
Web Development 1,2

Lady Ida Justheart
Alejandro the Duelist
Nalfar Cryptor
Okar Stompfoot

Mightier Than the Sword
The Gauntlet A
The Gauntlet B
The Wizards Haunt
Over the Garden Wall
Click Gait
Hero`s Journey
Bad Neighbourhood
Maniac Munchkins
Mightier Than the Sword
Vorpal Mouse
Crushing It
Give and Take
Tabula Rasa
Hedge Magic
Village Warder
Village Champion
Breaking News
Paragraph Paragon
Illustrious Imagery
Dangerous Divide
Listing Liaison
Stylish Intent
Big and Tall
Orders Wanted
Identification, Please
Wanted Poster
Backwoods Ambush A
Logical Circle
Logical Conclusion
Go Fetch
Chain of Command
Cubic Minefield


@juraj_pechac, thank you for reporting these.

/cc @nick

Hero: (they all have different names in /i18n)
Lady Ida Justheart —> Champion
Alejandro the Duelist —> Duelist
Nalfar Cryptor —> Necromancer
Okar Stompfoot —> Goliath

Levels done:
Mightier Than the Sword
The Wizard’s Haunt
Bad Neighborhood


Not in i18n:

Pet Translator
Pet Engineer
Pet Adjutant
Scylla and Charybdis
Reindeer Tender


Added those four. Thanks!


List of levels that need i18n (many thanks to @juraj_pechac for the work :wink:):

  • Backwoods Ambush A
  • Big and Tall
  • Breaking News
  • Chain of Command
  • Classy
  • Click Gait
  • Crushing It
  • Cubic Minefield
  • Dangerous Divide
  • Gemtacular
  • Give and Take
  • Go Fetch
  • Hedge Magic
  • Hero`s Journey
  • Identification, Please
  • Illustrious Imagery
  • Listing Liaison
  • Logical Circle
  • Logical Conclusion
  • Maniac Munchkins
  • Orders Wanted
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Paragraph Paragon
  • Reindeer Tender
  • Stylish Intent
  • Tabula Rasa
  • The Gauntlet A
  • The Gauntlet B
  • Village Champion
  • Village Warder
  • Vorpal Mouse
  • Wanted Poster

The Game/Web Development campaigns also need i18n.


Took care of all those levels and campaigns, so they should be active for translating now–thanks!


Not in i18n:

Reindeer Spotter
Reindeer Wakeup
Sesame Path
Forest Incursion
Army Training
Village Rover
Aggressive Mimicry
Army Training 2
Assembly Speed
Make Advances
Border Patrol
Risk and Reward
Cluttered Corridors
Reading Rumble
Convenient Enemy
Three-step Password
Rational Defense

Code Comments:
By Any Other Name

After playing CodeCombat, how interested are you in programming? - missing Question

Pending for lang sk:
Acts September 27 2016
Builds October 30 2016
CastsShockwave October 30 2016
UsesSnippets September 27 2016

‘Hint 1’ body - ‘Hint 4’ body — 2x !
The Gauntlet A
The Gauntlet B

Missing Goal name:
A Mayhem of Munchkins
Kithgard Mastery

Missing Tips:
Closing the Distance
By Any Other Name


@juraj_pechac Thank you for the list. I checked all of them and added i18n where it was required. Please write if you find other gaps.


Not in i18n:

Missing Tips:
Lowly Kithmen


What do you mean “Tips”? I see Loading Tip.


Sorry, missing HINTS: