"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)


Why are you saying that here? That’s off topic, if you’re going to make off topic / spam comments, please stop telling other people not to do the same, you as well SuperSmacker.


I’ll just delete all of my off-topic posts.
@Anna @Seojin_Roy_Lee @ritic @Chaboi_3000 @Gamestack you guys should delete your off-topic posts too.


Nah just keep it, but make sure no off topics from now on.


that reply is somewhat off topic, and so is this.


if you know your post is off topic then delete it :stuck_out_tongue: (or you can just tell them in PM)

Looks like I should have put that too in PM but i don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday @Hellenar! :sunglasses: :smile: :game_die:


@Hellenar that chocolate cake looks tasty :smiley: can I have a slice?


@Hellenar Happy birthday :birthday::birthday::birthday:


I don’t see the cake ;(


It’s next to the Helpful User! tag. unless you are in a different timezone or something


Oh i see it, just didn’t notice it lol.