"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)


So in case you haven’t heard my theory yet, here it is: Random Game-Generated Theory?

It started out as a fun idea, but after seeing @Endercore79_is_back 's theory about Omarn and Pender, I decided to elaborate mine too.

A long time ago, Death resided in the realm of Hell. Upon seeing humankind, and lurking amongst them for millennia, Death sought to become like one of them. His first attempt, in which he assumed the shape of man, proved unsuccessful, since a spirit can take the shape of anything, but never truly become anything else. A spirit will always be a spirit.

So instead, he called out to his minions, and commanded them to take the resources of the mortal world and forge a suit of golden armor for him. Because Hell is the darkest place in the Universe, his minions also found some lenses to adjust the light of Earth so Death could see.

The moment he landed in the mortal realm, a master ranger with a rifle spotted him and recognized him instantly. The ranger shot at Death, hitting him in the left eye. The force of the bullet not only shattered the left lens and knocked him unconscious, but also erased much of his memory. The last thing Death could remember was the day after the unfortunate incident, when he woke up lying on the hard, icy ground of Kelvintaph Glacier. Since man first discovered him, and took him to be a foreign human warrior, Death assumed that he was one of them, and supported man ever since. The people called him Aknash, which in the tongue of Kelvintaph means “half-blind”.

Yet, over time, he remembered the ranger who had robbed him of half his sight. His first thought was to slay all of mankind, but he had lived among them too long to hate them. So instead he unleashed his fury upon the ogres, who were at that time invading all of Earth under their leader, Thoktar. The people then began to call him Ritic the Cold. Ritic, in their language, meant “merciless”, and he was given the epithet “the Cold” because of that.

And to this day, Death, alias Ritic the Cold, continues to roam about the land and slay ogres, Shadow being his steed, Fear his weapon, and Night his shield.

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that was very interesting.

i’m still in shock.

this makes perfect sense.

this is something i think even the devs haven’t thought about yet so… yea

ok im gonna go lie down that theory was crazy - crazy good.



Thank you so much Ender! :grin:


you should say that the ranger shot out his left eye, he fell unconscious, and got arrested. He woke up in the dungeons of Kelvintaph or something like that, cuz he can’t just fall unconcious some where and wake up somewhere else without some one dragging him, and the only reason they’ll drag him is to arrest him… Argh how do you spell unconscious


I’ll consider that idea. Thanks :blush:


Great theory :smile: now all I have to do is find out who the master ranger is…
It might be cool for the master ranger to be a clone of Ritic or you could have the ranger be a hero that hasn’t come out.


master ranger is probably zana woodheart…


Hmm…How about if Death woke up in a dungeon and talked his way out of it, and then started living amongst humankind?


the floor is theories


@Endercore79_is_back I died XD


Here’s a copy for your own reference: 1xusgn


But then because Ritic lost his eye. Dose not mean that it is broken. Then there comes to the conclusion thatis eye could be in the crud telephoto glasses. There is that posibility! :thinking::thinking:


Maybe the person who shot the left eye will appear later in game.


Ya! But the theory said nothing about the lens never broke or got shatered


or wait. it did. But. if some one found the the shattered lens.


What if he already did?

Senick Steelclaw, second class hunter. A current hero in codecombat.


It did say that he can use Guns. Also says Ruthless Hunter in the description. Senick is a ruthless hunter. He eliminates his enemies without mercy. So this where true that Senick is a hunter with no mercy, and wanted to kill Deth (a.k.a. Ritic a.k.a.k.a. Kelvintaph) and then shot out his eye. Thought he was dead. Draged Deths body to the Kelvintaph Glacier. Then Deth woke up.


I bet it is more like Naria though


That can be true. But most likely Senick Steelclaw because of his desription: Senick is a ruthless hunter. He eliminates his enemies without mercy.


No one expects Naria though, and Death definitely wasn’t expecting to get a blast in the face first thing…:smirk:
But you do have a point. It could be either :grin: