[THEORY] Ritic's left eye didnt get shot out

If we see ritic’s sprite, he has no left “eye” but… Ritic, is a shadow. (This can be proven when ritic dies as all of his armor just falls on the ground with no corpse in sight) That means ritic has no eyes (if he is a shadow) The reason people think ritic’s eye got shot out is because there is a blue thing on the right of his mask but not the left. This, isnt his eye however. It’s his “lens” from his suit. We can see this when we see his description. “Forged from the coldest depths of Kelvintaph, Ritic did not know who he was, or how he originated. He just has one order: assassinate.” The key word here being FORGED. He was made by someone in kelvintaph. My guess? Probably the guy from the secret level with the google brain robots. This leads me to my conclusion. Ritic’s left eye didnt get shot out, he just lost in in kelvintaph, (maybe someone turned it into the diamond sense stone? idk) and that omarn is death.

TL;DR: ritic aint death, he dont got no eyes, omarn is death.

-MatPat :3


I’m starting to think that you just make these theories so you can say mat Pat’s catch phrase


Matterson Patterson.


CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript?
The “guy” is also called Lex (although it’s Amara)

But Omarn still has both his eyes.
Also his description states he was an apprentice at some point. Who would literal Death be an apprentice to?
But I also don’t think Ritic is death either.
Screenshot from 2024-02-29 16-43-11
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Illuminati noises
Heroes have been known to discard stuff before:

Also the shield Deflector “seeks to defy fate and death”:

But then again… Maybe Ritic DID shoot out death’s left eye:
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Maybe his other lens is in the Precision Rifle
(help I’ve gone too far)

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yo luke wanna make theories together?

did you read my Ritic, isn’t death theory? I explain it there.

Lol no please it’s already too much

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welp, time to go make the origin story for zana and why she may be connected to another (hidden) character (not yet…)

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Who is not yet???

it means im still cooking up another theory.

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There’s this

That right everyone let ritic cook (until he is bunt to a crisp)

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nah, not that guy. I am aware of him/her though

We must wait as he comes up with another excuse to use mat Pat’s catch phrase


Mat pat is Happy ritic

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Random theory garbage:
Codecombat includes a lot of references to Greek mythology.
Thanatos is the personification of death in Greek mythology.
The name Thanos is derived from Thanatos.
Nick Fury has his LEFT eye shot out.
Alastor (Mad-Eye) Moody also lost his LEFT eye (in the movies).
The actor who played Barty Crouch Junior, who impersonated Moody is David Tennant.
The movie Tennant was directed by Christopher Nolan.
Christopher Nolan also directed Oppenheimer.
Oppenheimer was played by Cillian Murphy.
Cillian Murphy plays Fischer in Inception.
In Inception Dom Cobb causes the death of Mal (Marion Cotillard).
Leonardo DiCaprio played Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wallstreet.
Martin Scorsese appears briefly in The Wolf of Wallstreet.
Martin Scorsese also directed a movie called The Departed, also with Leonardo DiCaprio.
The plot of The Departed involves an Irish mob.


your ability to make areanas has not translated into your ability to make co co theorys


Perhaps he decided to use a Red Ryder BB gun to shoot out death’s left eye, and did not listen when he was told he would shoot his own eye out.


Oh no It’s red ryder not red rider you’ve triggered the A Christmas Story stans

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