"Sandstorm Blitz" Bugs and Feedback

Rankings Bug

Whats the bug? Whats wrong there?

I won in the first picture but it shows that I lose in the rankings

Could you explain who you won/lose? Im looking at picture and don’t understand the problem

By looking at the ranking simulation screenshots(picture 2) it seems that he lost to this person nicknamed “zhouandrew”, but after going to the match, it instead said that he won against the person “zhouandrew”(picture 1), he(SharkyCombat, the poster) is on his CodeQuest account(Zhousihongethan) if you wonder why the nickname is different.

i think that you won in that pic but you lost in a simulation

Ok, people change their code. If you lost/won before it doesnt mean it repeats now. We dont have code versioning so when you battle/spectate you fight with actual versions if code

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Can anyone give a ranking cooldown or something? This person is ranking like MAD XD


He is going in bro XD (20 chars)

Its like the speed of a monster now using hot and boost and the speed of the monster with no powerups

Why did the red big stop moving? It froze there and the blue big can push it and deal damage, powerups would also apply to the red big since there is no other red in front. This only happens sometimes to the big, I tried refreshing the page but it didn’t fix it.

It is impossible to goliath that many times at spawn, it is the same red big from the picture on top. It is not moving, only being pushed back by the blue big.

Here is another clip from the same match and being stuck at the spawn after getting pushed backward.

In basketball gamea, a ball counts if it’s in the air when the buzzer goes off. So should this have the same thing?

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It does count when the ball is in the air when the buzzer runs out, if it is close to the hoop.

Maybe it was a problem with double goliath. I’ve fixed that issue, lets check how it works now. If not, then I dig deeper :slight_smile:

The bug that causes bigs to freeze is still here.

can you make it so you can make troops guard enemy players and protect your players
because i don’t feel like there is very much strategy in this arena

hmmm, ok. Thank you. Need to debug.

The balance changes are frozen as 2 weeks until the end.

ok too bad (20202020)