"Sandstorm Blitz" Bugs and Feedback

About flood and “welcome” message. Currently im deleting them, next will be “more admin”. The same for “i need help with my code”. Use other branches for that

So @Bryukh, is there an alternative other than the distance function to find distance??

So @ColdFire , distanceTo works. There was a wrong error message. I hope the new error message helps you to correct your code.

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@Bryukh, I reloaded my page, and it still shows the same error message??

Now it says distanceTo is not defined??

Here is my code that is not working (Just a Bit)

Lane1Players = hero.findTheirPlayers(1)
    Lane0Players = hero.findTheirPlayers(0)
    Lane2Players = hero.findTheirPlayers(2)
    if Lane0Players:
        nearest = hero.findNearest(Lane0Players)
        distance = hero.distanceTo(nearest)
        if distance < 67.51377:
            hero.play('quicksand', 0)

Try to use direct.codecombat.com to avoid caching issue or clear all caches. I just checked it under your account.

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can you add a find blue orb and find green orb function for better and storm use

It can be easily done with one line filter. Its challenging arena and adding such simple helper looks redundant here

This isn’t about the arena, but theres probably a mistake on the month here, shouldn’t it be August?

Yes, I think. Thank you.

I can’t use quicksand … I don’t think I’m the only one to complain about this either. This is part of the quicksand function I use:

let players = hero.findMyPlayers(0);
let opponents = hero.findTheirPlayers(0);
if (health(players) > 40 && hero.isReady("quicksand")) hero.play("quicksand", 0);

I know the health(...) function works, because there is no error in other places, but I think that the hero.isReady("quicksand") isn’t working.

Checked isReady(‘quicksand’) – works without problem. What’s the error you see?

I am also seeing, when spectating the top two players right now, that a threat starts out on the top lane, gets switched to the bottom lane, but after that walks back up to the top before going diagonally down to the bottom on the opponent’s side.

no that’s right i think

This may be because of the delay created from summoning units. I had the same issue and took out my code for summoning units and found that my code for the quicksand worked perfectly.

I think this happens when the switch happens at the exact moment that the unit reaches it’s first movement target point, the routes are mirrored on the Y axis, all of the route points, except for the current point that it’s trying to move/navigate to

Yes, I think it’s that case. Added a safeguard for the case like described. I hope should fix.

There isn’t an error message. Also, the isReady("quicksand") function seems to work.

Actually, it was a typo. I said health(players) instead of health(opponents).