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What to save up for, whats good?

I know to get a better shield and sword, but which?

The one with made out of ice. I forgot the name.

thanks, is there anything else? btw the ice sheild is called the reflect shield

Sword of the forgotten is good, but I prefer sword of the temple guard, because of the higher speed (it’s twice as fast with a similar DPS)
I would also get some of the rings, if you don’t have them already. They make a big difference: The ring of speed, tarnished copper ring, regen ring (good for long levels), thorn ring (very good for lots of munchkins), invisibility ring (good for… hiding). Earthskin ring is quite good as well.
Getting new boots might help as well, I’d get the boots of leaping, because it’s got move() and a very good jumping ability.
I think your sword is priority one, then your shield. But you don’t have to go for the expensive sword first, maybe get claymore before the more expensive ones.

It is really up to you, your sword should be your priority however, I suggest the Runesword for raw damage or the Longsword if you want a special ability (cleave).
rings are also a good idea, the thorns ring is good for levels with low health enemies, the speed ring is good for…speed Tarnished copper ring is good especially if you have lots of health, Regen ring is good for levels that involve fighting.
New boots are also suggested (like Deadpool198 said) jumping or leaping boots are good, but softened leather boots are good if you want to go as fast as possible.
If shields are not a priority, I suggest an Obsidian shield.

Other than these, your gear seems to be quite good, have fun!

Here is my gear for example

(20 doritos that are yum yum)