What should I save for? I got everything else

I’m stuck on Kelvintaph Defiler and I have 1432 gems. I’m wondering what I should save them for. I’m leaning towards Enameled Dragonplate. And Should I buy the Sword of the Forgotten? I have the Sword of the Temple Guard. Also, I don’t want to buy a flag. I am a non-subscriber and I got everything else.(Except some low grade items)

  • Enameled Dragonplate
  • Undying Charm
  • Sword of the Forgotten
  • Potion Belt
  • King’s Ring
  • Korath’s Promise
  • Forgotten Bronze Ring
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if you’re sub (looks like not), then get a ranger, they’re op on kelvintaph defiler. otherwise, buy the paladin sword, it’s slightly better that the sword of the forgotten

;-; They already have the Sword of the Temple Guard
They were asking if they should get the Sword of the Forgotten as well
Because you aren’t a sub you should definitely max your armor first

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oh my gosh
so THAT’S what that sword is???
thank you luke