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Subscription not there


I recently bought a subscription to code combat the other day at the end of my class and when i got back on here the subscription things werent unlocked. Its been a few days now and I wanted to see what happnens now.


Can you take a screenshot of it please?


of what im on computer and my computer doesnt have screenshot


Press command+shift+3


where is the command key at. what do i screenshot


Of what is not there.


but i cant find the command key are you talking about control?


Try control. Maybe that works. What are you using, windows or Mac?


windows bro im at school


Hi @Reap_Stormz
My name is Maka and I run our customer support. Email if this is still an issue. Make sure to give me your username so I can look at your account.


ps - On Windows, you can click Print Screen to copy the current screen. Then open Paint and use the paste command (Control-V) to paste it into Paint. Save it.


Thanks @maka! :smiley_cat:


thank you i will do this when i have time next time im on