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Suggestions for a complete beginner?


What tips do you have for me? I feel as though I have picked up pretty quickly! I’ve beaten the majority of the second dungeon without upgrading anything, I like to write 30-50 lines of code with bad equipment rather than 10 lines of code with the best equipment!


I suggest to save for:

  • a good armor, helm and shield (the worn dragon stuff have the best price/value ratio)
  • good glasses (enchanted lenses or better)
  • the great sword (great powerup!)
  • the compound boots (or better)
  • the simple wristwatch (or better)
  • the quartz sense stone (or better)
  • the steel ring

With the above set you can do all the levels (free and subscription alike). At least, I could – even with a worse armor and shield…

If you can afford, it’s useful to buy the ring of speed and probably the precious (=invisibility).

For more details, here is the full list of items


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Is the simple katana worth buying if you all ready have a sword like the long sword?
Please help with Summit's Gate!