Sword of The Temple Guard - special ability suggestions

A few months ago, @nick has stated intention to add special abilities to all the high-end weapons, but haven’t had time to do so yet.

So I thought it may be useful to start suggestion threads for such special abilities. Here are my suggestions for the Sword of The Temple Guard special ability:

  • castFreezingRay (method): a variant of the Emperor’s Gloves’ castLightning, which deals less damage and adds a freezing effect¹ to the stricken enemies.

  • freeze (passive effect): when attack()ing, has a 20~50% chance of adding a freezing effect to target.

¹ By “freezing effect” I mean a new effect that effectively freezes the target, that is, they cannot move, attack nor perform special abilities. Ideally, their code execution would be completely frozen for the duration of the effect.

What do you guys think? Feel free to suggest improvements to my suggestions or make your own suggestions. :smile:

Thread rules

  1. Let’s keep this discussion specific to the “Sword of The Temple Guard” item. I’ll make separate threads for other items.

  2. Please avoid specifying exact values (e.g. for damage, cooldowns, effect duration, chance of activation). Game balance is hard™, so it is better to give more abstract ideas and let the developers do the balancing after implementing and playtesting the ideas.

  3. Have fun!

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The Sword of the Temple Guard doesn’t sound like something with ice powers to me, although I like the idea.

The description of this sword suggests that this weapon was wielded by paladins, so perhaps a light attack, like something the paladins can do in Warcraft III.

I imagined ice powers mainly due to the sword’s light-blue color shades, and because a freezing effect would be a nice game mechanic addition in my opinion.

An AoE light attack sounds good to me too, nice suggestion. :grin:

It goes shoots bolts of light straight forward when you are at full health!

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I support the idea of adding some extra perks to the top items. To be honest, I never even thought about buying them, because they were just too overpriced… This could change my view :smile:

How about having passive ability all the time, like for instance, if you have some friends with you they get a 50% speed boost. This encourages players to use their boss stars more.

@ChronistGilver Interesting. Though is light more of an attack against skeletons/undead?

What about a spin on it. The light stuns / blinds the enemy attacked with it for a period of time? Like a blinding light reflection, or focus?