Talk about Brawl Stars

Here you can talk about Brawl Stars :smiley: :iphone:

hey @qjleny what is your favorite brawler?

sandy emz gael(I have them all)

I have 10584 trophies,34 brawlers(I don’t have colette, surge,leon,crow and spike)I do not pay

crow leon and spike are pretty good

I know but I do not have them

Here’s my profile :slight_smile:

can you just take a screenshot please my links aren’t working

I play brawl stars…

it is sooooo goooood

I have no legendaries :frowning: But I have 4 mythic brawlers!

I have 4 rare, 6 super rare, 6 epic, 6 mythic, 1 legendary and 1 chromatic.

10 806 trophies(dumb little chars)

6 super rares? isn’t it 5?

I got Collete! and a bunch of pins, and bibi and the zombie skin for bibi

Nice! (20 chaaaaars)

cool, 6 super rare: Penny, Carl, Darryl, Jackie and other 2

my brawlers are:
shelly,bull,colt,gale,barly, jesse,carl,dymanike,daryl,rosa, nani,pam and some others

Isn’t it 5? Penny, Darryl, Jackie, Carl, and Rico?

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And lou is soooo op!