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Talk about CodeCombat Inventory


03%20AM This is my character. I am in the desert. Do you think I should replace it with anything?


I know that my shield could be changed, but anything else?


You may wanna change your sword. If I’m not mistaken, that sword only works when you use certain commands.


This is mine:


You should have skipped on the boots of jumping and gotten the boots of leaping @Luke10, the boots of jumping are one of the worst boots


In my opinion, it’s not. Simple boots are trash. I’ll take the boots of flying.


That is only because you somehow got god mode and got all of the unreleased items


:stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t have the fly ability yet.


BTW how much speed does it give?


The normal +2.5 speed


that’s more than normal.


I went straight to the worn dragon armor, so I could get gems. From the brawls.


True Dat!. I haven’t played codecombat in like a year! 8th grade and sports keep me busy.