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New birthday update. Collect your gift quickly

Thanks lukas! I like all you updates so I don’t have to actually go on taming. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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luk whats ur name in taming io bc if im lucky i can play with u

Normally it is slayerx or :c

was a urename

New legendary pet black cat! Halloween update is in And I’m around 110 th spot for pets tamed (I have 34)

Proof I don’t have luck

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whuts ur badge rn 20000000000000000000000000000000

Poison. Im not rlly highscoring, and trying to trick ppl I nub

My badge is a…noob. I don’t really play much anymore.

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i can’t even play so i am nub


Nice! (20 chars happy to see me again as well)


124 black cats >:D (20 chars)

Wow, the evil emojis going around are startling.


aha evil >:D

@JoPro_8000 don’t challenge me in tames

I think I have more pets

But are you better than me at the game? >:) I’ll use 3 bats and a sword if I can ever play again.

jeez ill use dragon fairy 3

or 2 fox and 1 boar 2000000000000000000000

@lukas31 i sent u a friend request can u accept it?