The 2022-2023 year Joke Tournament

I know it’s been a very hard year for everyone. So now, during the holidays, it’s just the time to relax and have some fun!
Yes, it’s time for the new Joke Tournament!
This year (and the next years) the Joke Tournament will be different from the previous ones. Read what I wrote below :arrow_down: and you’ll see the changes.

The rules of the Tournament:

  1. All jokes must not be against the rules of the Discourse.
  2. You can write only 1 joke (and you can’t change it after posting). If you want to write more, you can do it in the Topic for jokes.
  3. At the end of the Tournament I will post a poll, where you can choose the best joke. You can’t vote for your joke. (I hope you will play fair!)
  4. You can write your joke in 72 hours after I make this topic. After that, I’ll make a poll, where you can vote in 48 hours after I make the poll (it will be closed after 48 hours).
  5. Please do not write the jokes which have been posted in the previous Joke Tournaments.
  6. Please do not post anything in this thread (Again, read new rules below :arrow_down:). Please, this rule is really important because I want the thread look clean.

The changes in rules:
Last year, Aya suggested a great idea: I can make a wiki-post, so everyone can write their jokes there so it would be easier to read and compare all the jokes for voting.
Thanks for the suggestion!

So, I will make a post in this topic called “Participants’ Jokes”. There, you should write your joke following this format:

Nickname's Joke: 
[text of the joke]

The post will look like this:

If you have any questions about the Tournament, please PM me with the title: “Joke Tournament Questions”, so I can answer them as soon as possible. Do NOT ask the question in the thread.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck in the contest!


Participants’ Jokes:
the coding crusader22’s Joke:
A panda walks into a diner and orders some bamboo. He finishes his bamboo and the waiter comes and asks him if he enjoyed his food. The panda says yes and pulls out a water gun and starts spraying the waiter. The manager comes to see what all the commotion is about. The manager walks up to the panda and tells him that he must stop. The panda replies that this is just what pandas do and tells him to look it up. The manager gets on wikipedia and sees that it says that pandas eat bamboo shoot and leaves. When the manager looked up the panda had left.
(Sorry, ritic here, had to fix the grammar)

enPointe77’s Joke:
I started telling everyone about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It’s about raisin awareness.

:clown_face: riticmaster908’s Joke :clown_face::
I was having dinner with Garry Kasporov (world chess champion) and there was a check tablecloth. It took him two hours to pass me the salt.
Anonym’s Joke:
According to unofficial sources, a new simplified income-tax form contains only four lines:

  1. What was your income for the year?

  2. What were your expenses?

  3. How much have you left?

  4. Send it in.

Unfortunately there was a small amount of jokes this year.
But, anyway, vote for the best joke.

Vote for the best joke in your opinion
  • the coding cruasder22’s Joke
  • enPointe77’s Joke
  • riticmaster908’s Joke
  • Anonym’s Joke

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Remember: you can’t vote for your own joke (if you participated).

By the way, after this poll you can write posts in this topic.

Congratulations, @enPointe77! You have won the tournament! :tada:


Yay!! Not saying much though, seeing that 4 people did it. :neutral_face:


lol idk how to use wiki couldnt enter :frowning: