The Annoying Highlight

Is their a way to prevent my code from being high lighted right after I run my code. I run my code press pause to correct my bug but then my code gets high lighted in that white background. It makes it extremly hard for me to read my code for the brief time that its up. Can I disable this?

No way to disable it (that would be under game menu -> options if it was possible). What I usually do is use a program called Notepad++ to view my code while Iā€™m working on it. You can Ctrl+A to highlight all, Ctrl+C to copy your code, and Ctrl+V to paste it into Notepad++.

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I like the sound of that. Thanks for the advice. :smiley:

About Gridmaster Redux:
My solution was easier than I expected it to be, too. I think the point is to optimize it to around 33 squares, though. Do you know how many squares you wound up with? I just went with a simple algorithm that got me exactly 56 squares.

I had the same. 56. Trying to crunch that down might be for another day. :laughing: Actually it would be great for another level. Take the same exact level but make us reduce the number of rectangles.