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i have a problem i was able to win@johnathonal…, so will i get extra points?

What happened to it?


But how can i make it?

hero.cast("haste", lane)

i think

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Who is holding the highest score among 0-11 year olds, does anyone know?

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hey @porter119 is this you?


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that’s fine, i don’t care if you ping me
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I fixed the code with your help, but it doesn’t send a snail and two orbs in the empty lane, lane 2 once. not even when there are enemies on it.

maybe, there were 5 orbs and you couldn’t send orbs.
in this ladder, you can’t send more than 5 units per kind.

wait, enemy.strength is undefined. use enemy.speed and .
(undefined of python…?)

Has anyone encountered this situation?
This element hasn’t touched the fireball yet, but why can it push the fireball?

Read the hints, page 6.
hint 6/6.
To much to write down here. :slight_smile:

There’s all the answers to your question.

Hope that helps

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Here is a link to the Anti Gravity patch notes for anyone who is interested. "Anti Gravity" Patch Notes

Hi, we’ll stop farming each other in anti-gravity because it makes me feel uncomfortable

You deleted the post so I assume you figured it out, but the problem was you need to have a variable for lanes. You can’t have a variable for lane and have that type of for loop.

lanes = [1, 0, 2]
for lane in lanes:
     #whatever code you wanted here.

Look at my example, when I use lane, I use 1 the first time the code runs. In yours, you assigned lane with a variable (I would assume), and then told it that lane = whatever the first lane in the lanes group was without defining lanes first.

you mean me?I remember I didn’t ask about the code, just because I sent the wrong message at that time. Sorry

Ohhh. I see. sorry about that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: