The Fierce Forces Topic

But thanks for help!

Hey, have anybody win @HerroL??


no you, i mean have anybody win @HerroL??

who has a lot of points

i could beat him, but if i do, i lose to more people than if i don’t :confused:

Same with me. But sometimes if he gets far enough ahead I will just to bring down his score.

Yeah, so just try to adjust little by little on every-opponent, find out the top poeple’s tactics, then try to adjust them little.

That’s my advice that I use to get to the top of the leaderboard.
( P.S. I’m stable at 11th place leaderboard )

i dont like him anymore!!!


take this @Herrol

are you cpepper1 20 charssssss

Nah, he is my friend

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My name in CodeCombat is Thai2611

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Congratulations everyone for achieving very good results (but I don’t).

wait thai2611?(20chars)

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yes that’s me :)))))

Hmm, I think my notes are full. Can you put it in your ‘about me’ area?