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Vital Powers Heck YEAH!


It took a long time to figure out, but finally nailed both bonuses. I went through a few different characters and changed strategies several times.



CodeCombat Gif Reactions Thread

This is off topic. (20 chars)


Gratz! So it’s possible :slight_smile:


tbh gems lose meaning at the end of the game, in the glacier and moutain campaigns


Didn’t do it for the gems. Didn’t even consider the gems while doing it. Just wanted to do it for the experience.


I was just stating a thought. Not related to Vital Powers.
tbh u can just use Pender and summon burl and skeleton armies.
ez win. XD


Did that on the the second attempt. Used speed (haste) to summon as large an army as possible with Pender. Found Okar to be more reliable and just stomped and bashed the heck out of everything.


where is it located on the mountain?


It’s near the beginning, just around the first bend on the path.


thx(20 characters is annoying)


no casualties on my side. LOL

and too much gold


Ya there is one casualty
The skeleton in the corner died :stuck_out_tongue:


dang it!(20 characters)