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When do I get which Item - A reference


I think he means the bonus


The Programmaticon V is given in Summit’s Gate. [Added, thanks]

Out of curiosity, does anyone know where the Programmaticon IV is?


Try replaying Clash of Clones. [Added, thanks]


Ah, I see. Thanks!

Twenty Characters…


lol pun on “clash of clans”


I managed to get Programmaticon IV and V by replaying those levels.
Both of their current images seem to be placeholders similar to III (shows III on the cover) except for the colour of the outlines. Programmaticon IV’s white outline makes it look very glossy, which is an unintentionally good visual effect.

Unlike the others, Programmaticon V seems to have an effect on the interface when equipped:

It suddenly adds 6 other tabs with various functions. It also kicks out the blue help button - we’re too pro for that now.

(The guide can still be accessed from the menu)


I’ve added the real art for the Programmaticons now. Yup, definitely too pro for the blue help button.


What do you mean by Level 5.1 or Level 4.1? Is it like a follow up level?


I believe that was my attempt to show that there is move than one level 4 or level 5 on that map (meaning that if you count the levels in least number of levels to get there order there is more than one at that count.)


I there a way of getting the new heros without the subscription levels?


No. Without a subscription, only Tharin and Ayna are available, except on Zero Sum and Ace of Coders.


Hi @J_F_B_M,

Kelvintaph Glacier

Level 4.1-Subscriber Level-Presicion Kicking

  • Nalfar Cryptor (Wizard) - New Hero

Level 7-Kelvintaph Defiler

  • Boss Star IV - Commands: command, commandableMethods, commandableTypes, costOf, summon

  • Provides 80 gold at level start and 4 income per second

[added, thanks]


Correction: Kelvintaph Defiler gives you the Boss Star IV, not the II. Also, it gives 4 income per second.


Oh, sorry! I got mixed up with the Boss Star II. I’ll edit my post.


when you guys purchase a hero , be noticed that each hero has their own equipment factor.

hero’s name(cost of this hero)
hero type
Speed: xx m/s (this hero’s basic move speed)
Dmg: number x (here is weapon factor by the “number”, “x” means times(multiplier))
HP: number x (here is equipment factor by the “number”, “x” means times(multiplier))

here is the list:

Anya Weston(free)
Speed: 6 m/s
Dmg: 1.2x
HP: 1.4x

Tharin Thunderfist(free)
Speed: 6 m/s
Dmg 1.2x
HP: 1.4x

Amara Arrowhead(400)
Speed: 10 m/s
Dmg: 1x
HP: 1.2x

Miss Hushbaum(630)
Speed: 7 m/s (slowest speed in wizards)
Dmg: 1.2x
HP: 1.4x

Hattori Hanzo(1000)
Speed: 8 m/s
Dmg: 1.8x (highest Dmg in warriors)
HP: 5/7x (lowest HP in warriors)

Senick Steelclaw (1400)
Speed: 6 m/s (slowest speed in rangers)
Dmg: 1.4x
HP: 1.8x (Highest HP in rangers)

Omarn Brewstone(1800)
Speed: 11 m/s
Dmg: 5/6x
HP: 1.2x

Naria of the Leaf(2500)
Speed: 11 m/s
Dmg: 5/6x (lowest Dmg in ranger)
HP: 1.6x

Pender Spellbane(3400)
Speed: 14 m/s (highest speed in wizards)
Dmg: 1.6x (highest Dmg in wizards)
HP: 0.5x (lowest HP in wizards)

Arryn Stonewall(4600)
Speed: 14 m/s (highest speed in warriors)
Dmg: 5/8x (lowest Dmg in warriors)
HP: 1x

Nalfar Cryptor(6300)
Speed: 10 m/s
Dmg: 5/7x (lowest Dmg in wizards)
HP: 2x (Highest HP in wizards)

Okar Stompfoot(12000)
Speed: 4 m/s (slowest speed in warriors)
Dmg: 1.6x
HP: 2x (highest HP in warriors)

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Everything you want to know about heroes

thx for point that out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi @J_F_B_M,

Sarven Desert

  • Subscriber Level-Stranded in the Dunes
  • Okar Stompfoot (Warrior) - New Hero

Also, @nick, when are you going to add in new ranger heroes? Naria’s getting a little lonely… :wink:. Please add Zana Woodheart and Ritic soon… :smile:


As soon as we write the abilities for them and then find good levels to release them from. Their art is done, just needs processing to put them into the system.


Hi @nick,
Zana- Maybe an Ice Level, like something pixie or light?

Ritic- A volcano level, but I don’t really know.

Also, can you let me know the slug for each of the heroes?




I completed all the free content on the first dungeon level and noticed the master level you could take to skip past it if you were more advanced. It looks like to complete that you need to use if-else. Is it possible to use this without the book you get in the second area? I can easily path through and open the doors/turn off the fireball traps but keep getting an error fighting the monster. ty