Why am I lagging?

Pls help! I tried running my code on Backwoods Treasure 9, but it stops at 34.3s. Why?

Hmm… Could you send a video of this so that I can see what’s happening?

It is happening because of a very big amount of ogres.


Yeah, I suppose they can lag the game a significant amount if found in large quantities.

Yeah, the same thing happens to me. If you wait a little while, it will usually process the code without the graphics. Also, pressing Esc to minimize the screen seems to help a little because the resolution for the smaller window is easier to process.

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How do I make a vid?

And sorry if I’m cheating, but I copied seawon0808, since he passed 9 without lagging, and got success, but mines say infinite loop detected.(Sorry if I’m breaking the rules pls don’t ban me from both. I tried a lot of times on my own but my character was first success, but then when i submit it, it fails)

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You won’t get banned because everyone (or almost everyone) from top 15 copied my strategy and they didn’t get banned (that was in another level, but still)
It showed success when you saw them because in the leaderboard it shows always your replayable level -1. So, guys who had 10 have 9 and etc. It loaded for them because it was a lower level.


If you’re on windows it’s WinKey+Alt+R. Make sure your mic’s off

No, he passed 9, not 8

KK, thanks @MarmiteOnToast

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Look, here he has 9:

And because he has 9 in the ladder, he has 9 also here:

However, if we check his profile, we will see this:

This is just how it works, I do not know why, probably because of the 0 which is before any level (anyone starts from the zero).
So, this actually means, that he has 10 now and you see the code that he passed for 10 and you see how he beats 9. Maybe he can’t beat 10 now, we don’t know.