Zana/Rangers fail level when code is ok

So basically i wrote down a code while using Zana and it no matter what didnt work, it kept telling me ran out of time (while working with the instructions) but when i switched to Anya it worked with the same code and gave me success.

While using Zana, there were like a few meters left to walk and reach the oasis, so when i increased the rate of the steps (from 5 to 10) it worked fine

Im not sure if this was worth pointing out, but it definitely might frustrate some users who face this problem while using Zana and not know that the problem is with the hero and not their code


In level keeping time, she is also too quick for the time, for the first if statement, 5 secs make a much better result cuz the level fails with 10 seconds

New update:

In Mushroom noise, any ranger or wizard might cause the hero to accidently attack the yaks because it is shooting from a distance

Level pesky yaks failed with rangers


Continuous Alchemy and Dust failed with Zana worked with Anya

“Desert Delta” and “Sarven Savior” ran out of time/failed with Zana, success with hattori

Zana tends to have many bugs still. At least that is how it works for me.

Yeah true, but maybe the developers can disable her in those levels, so that the people who arent in the forums dont think that the problem is in their code and get frustrated

I know, that’s why i stopped using Zana