Idea Suggestions Thread

i also had an idea what if the theif was neutral so when you killed the theif it it had stolen from an orge team enemy than you would gain that stuff to adding a lot of advanced coding options

Lol the most OP thing ever suggested

Sets price to 0

Mind blown

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Dragon rider:
Damage: 50 (100 dps)
Health: 400
Speed: 20
Breathe fire: Breathe fire on your foes, dealing 100 splash damage for 5 meters
Roar: haste but half of warcry’s
Granted by boss star V


What’s the gold cost?

100, tell me it should be more

Maybe 150… I mean I think that it’s quite OP for 100 and with a findBestValue calculator and the mimic pet the Dragon Rider could be slightly more than OP

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I guess, but that would be kinda expensive

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Hm… True…

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Yeah. Maybe I could nerf it

Where does the dragon rider come intro the findBestValue and mimic combo?

To get coins to buy it

What if there are no coins and only boss star generation?

Lemme think of an excuse…

Yep ur right ig. (My grammar’s ok when I want it to be ok)