Ideas for New Weapons

dark wave could be added to ritic

Does the deflector shield have a coldBlast ability?

I think the runesword should have an extra abiltiy. I want it to have a way to melt enemies upon contact as long as they have under 10 health.

no it should have fire aspect or goldenTouch

Fire aspect is self explanetory, it does 15 dps for 5 secs
and goldenTouch makes enemies golden, the gold monsters get 5% more hp but drops 15 gold uppon kill

dang, thats a good idea! :+1:

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New idea! Shotguns(all shotgun scattershot have no cooldown, kinda like gift of the trees)
Crude shotgun:
attack cooldown:0.5
scattershot : shoots 3 bullets in a 45 degree angle
cost:200 gems
Pump shotgun:
attack cooldown:0.4
scattershot : shoots 4 bullets in a 60 degree angle
cost: 950 gms
Fine shotgun:
attack cooldown:0.333
scattershot : shoots 7 bullets in a 90 degree angle
cost: 2000 gems



please dont spam as its unrelated

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The wings of the angel:
Wizard robe
description: This pair of wings let you soar to the heavens like the angels, and harness their power to protect you.
Health + 650
Abilities: fly:Lets you fly for 5 seconds, can flu over bear and fire traps, and also fences.
castCloudShield : Summon clouds from the heavens to hide you from your enemies and sneak to their source of power.
Cost 4500 gems
The Angel’s Halo:
Health + 350
description: Harness the powers of the angels to dazzle your enemies!
Ability: Cast laser: Produce a strong beam of laser goes in a line in rount of the hero that deals 300 damage to every enemy that is at most 4m away from the beam and dazzles them for 2 seconds.

Armor usually has no abilities, let’s maybe keep it consistent?
Fly could be added to winged shoes or smth
CloudShield to holy spell tome or smth, same for laser, also, maybe beam of light and not laser? “summons a strong beam of light from the heavens”
300 dmg is quite a bit, maybe like 200?
Also, add cooldown and duration pls

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Oh srry I forgot.
Fly cooldown: 15secs
CloudShield cooldown:15secs

Beam of light:Damage:200dmg

Yeahhhh, this is why I decided to add some.

It just makes it not consistent and way more overpowered than any other armor even with 3x health since it would be the only armor with an ability

There’s the limited time armors(and the unreleased limited ones) which have abilities. Tauran being my example.

Ye, but I mean shop armor

Idea: Lava Sword
Cost 6500 :gem:
This sword was forged in the volcano world and was lost for 1000 years,
until it found it’s way into the item shop.
Attack Damage: 100
Dps: 500
Ability: Lava Ball: You throw this ball up to 25 metres and it creates a 10 by 10 circle that constantly damages enemies for 60 dps per second and disappears after 8 sec and cooldown is 15sec and does friendly fire.

the legs on the sword go walk walk walk

(post deleted by author, view below lol)

  1. Oh dang that’s expensive but pretty OP
  2. Ability range a bit far, radius a bit big too, at least make it friendly fire, since, you know, it’s lava and isn’t really cooperative… ;-;
  3. Maybe dph should be increased? rn it would tie the best sword for attack speed in the game
  4. I think the cost should be decreased (along with abilities a bit nerfed ofc) since now it would cost 2 times more than the most expensive sword

Heavy glove

Made from the an alloy of the densest metal from kithgard and the densest ice from kelvintaph, this powerful glove can blast back light foes and impede heavy ones in their movement.

Passive skill:
Increases hero’s knockback (normal attack) to enable to blast back even female ogres slightly and impede brawlers and chieftains in there movement, slowing them down (Sorry I dunno how many kg is this)

Cost: 1000💎

Can’t be a passive, they don’t exist I don’t think, so, maybe:
push: cast ‘push’ to push all enemies less than 10 meters away whose maxHealth < hero.maxHealth / 2 from you back hero.maxHealth / maxHealth meters as well as putting the slowness effect on them if maxHealth < hero.maxHealth / 5