Is my armor good?

uhm i dont think so. maybe usara?

um hello the bagel should i get him

uhm… i don’t think you should.

maybe save for nalfar? or usara? idk

i am not subscriber.

ok i wont i will get the other person

mornings edge isn’t necessarily the best sword in fact its rather controversial its either morning edge sword of the forgotten or sword of the temple guard for me tho its temple guard

yes, but morning’s edge is hlepful in brawls. it buys you a few xtra secs of not beign attacked as much

ahem temple guard has an ability too you can smack enemies like 40 metres away from you with the power up which in theory should be long enough for 5 to 3 seconds depends on the speed

Ok. :man_shrugging:. You’ll have that opinion i’ll have mine.

i have sword of forgotten

sword of forgotten has kb which is good too but not as strong as the powerup temple guard has besides temple guard is super fast

I want a new wizard staff

which one of the staffs

I think vine staff is best

id recomend the lightning twig if you dont have that much gems then get the sulpher staff

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sulpher i have 15000

get lightning twig then its good for crowd control or you could get the sulpher staff if also has crowd control but has delay

both have abilitis that have crowd control too

ok which is better out of them