Questions about translating

OK, I think I made the correct patches necessary for those listed as “Done” below, but we need someone who can accept those i18n patches. (nick is away for a couple of days so we need someone else’s help)

[edit: I “crossed out” the ones that have been accepted/fixed.]

  • Level – I’m have no idea why these don’t show on the main i18n page but do for their own pages

  • Deadly Pursuit – Admin

  • Mad Maxer Sells Out – Admin

  • Achievement

  • Dungeons of Kithgard Complete - ??

    • The “You completed Dungeons of Kithgard!” achievement is called, “The Journey Begins”
  • Level Name

  • Riddling Kithmaze - Done

  • Mad Maxer Strikes Back - Done

  • Code Comments

  • Munchkin Harvest - Done

  • Endangered Burl - Done

  • Doom Glade - should be there

  • Unfair Support - should be there

  • Slalom - Done

The ones marked “Done” are submitted by “Vlevo” and have the commit comment of “Added i18n”.