Questions about translating


Technicaly there are two different levels: “Stilness in Motion” and “Javascript: Stillness in Motion”

Try the direct version. Maybe it’s cache issue.


Technicaly there are two different levels: “Back to Back " and “Javascript: Back to Back” - and in this case is Javascript: Back to Back” translated …


Maybe, because it was forked after translations.


Not in i18n:

Query Confirmed


Thanks. Added both of them.


Not in i18n:

Code Comments:

Query Confirmed


Yep, they are hard-coded in the sample code there. @Serg Could we move comments in “comments”? (yeah, I know).


Not in i18n:

Disappearing Act


Ah, I see. Fixed, will be live with next deploy.


Not in i18n:


Eventful Selectors
Sibling Rivalry
Binary Deployment


The Trials

Code Comments:

Border Patrol


Bank Raid
Cursed Valley

Article :

Calling Methods
Directional Movement
Adding to an Array
Looping (While -True)
Code Limits
Directional Movement
Variables (simple)
Finding nearby Enemies
Attacking Units
Method Arguments
Looping over items in an array with while
Functions: Return


cool(20 characters).


Not in i18n:

Goal name:

Resource Valleys

Code Comments:
Deja Brew
Ogre Rugby


Some i18n-missing: /level/identification-please


I wrote a little text on how to translate the Articles which might be of help: How to translate Articles. This


Level mad-maxer-gets-greedy lacks i18n information for the hints section.


Not in i18n:

Code Comments:
Hitman (Good job, agent 74, but Hitman is Agent 47)


Thanks. added.

I know :slight_smile:


Not in i18n:

Throwing Fire
Behind the Darkness
Them Bones
Behavior Driven Development
Persistence Pays

Code Comments:
Gridmancer Redux


Where can I add translation for: pet : Gain control of your loyal pet ! It will follow you around until you give it an order.


@maka can help you with that. Thanks for contributing.