Questions about translating


That’s a really good question. I’ll try to find out.


I’m told this has been fixed!

Thanks for reporting it.



Not in i18n:
Breaking Ball



I see you got the last one fixed. Apparently, there’s another. Thank you.


It`s not fixed yet …


Give us a little more time! :slight_smile: We’re still a small company with only a few folks who can make these kinds of changes.

It should be available for translating now.



Level Pasture Guards - wrong example

Sprite text - don’t translate code identifiers: game.setPropertyFor("cow", "scale"` `"purple")

For example, game.setPropertyFor("cow", "scale", "purple")


You can just submit a patch in the level instead of telling us here and waiting for the devs to fix it. It’s quicker and easier that way.


We won’t do it here – we don’t have the resources to look for this sort of thing on the forums.