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"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)

that reply is somewhat off topic, and so is this.

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Update: Ritic the cold’s original form??? Anyways, he looks pretty sick. :cloud_with_lightning: I found this when burrowing in codecombat’s ancient files:


Death’s left eye was shot. Ritic’s left eye was shot. Ritic is death. Also, I’m posting because it still exists and because it says “feel free to add your own ideas!”.

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I’m actually working on a google doc about this theory.

wait a minute is there a master ranger yet? like illia is the master warrior and usura is the master wizard?
is the master ranger out yet if not then that would be the person who shot deaths eye because in the description of the precision rifle! also in the deflector description it says the shield defy fate and death? and in PeterPalov’s topic the illia shieldsmith topic it says she made the shield so what if illia can defeat death?(aka critic)
also in amara’s description it says Amara’s ranged attacks can pick off the fastest of ogres with ease.
but death isn’t a ogre is he???

Ritic is death but we don’t know the master ranger

i think rirtic is the master ranger cuz hes so fast and so many abilitis
but zana is faster and has pacify and flap and paralyze so i guess zana is the master ranger

but ritic is better and his left eye was shot out by the master ranger so it is kind of tough

a lot of evidence points to Naria.

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That is true since the precession rifle was able to shoot far away and Naria likes ranged attacks and that item was made before Zana was

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maybe we should try to ask someone who helped with the idea of ritic.

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ask @nick he helped create CodeCombat itself

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I don’t think people should be saying Ritic’s left eye was “shot out” I think they should be saying that it got shot to the point that it had to be removed with his hand. As you can see, the left eye is dented and not perfectly removed. Or the master ranger shot bullets around his eye, causing it to fall out. Or the bullet was a big boi. I’ve also noticed I’m using a lot of science nowadays. Am I becoming like @Game_Theory or @Film_Theory? No, I am becoming @CodeCombat_Myths_And_Legends_Theory. I use real world science for CodeCombat Myths and Legends, etc.

I know @Monsty and you know how people are wondering what enquestrians are I think they are helpers

I wonder what Ritic without the mask thing that’s on his face looks like?

*War Soldier Helpers

Look at what they’re wearing.