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"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)

Lol dan tdm is live.

He is playing baldi’s basics.

Did you see the DanTDM thang?

Yeah. It’s funny.:laughing::laughing:

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I ‘accidently’ made an ogre warlock kill the 10 health DanTDM.


That’s abuse… (What does DanTDM do anyway?)

No, I just thought he would do something but he just stood there and tried to act cool.

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I don’t think he’s supposed to do anything. Not so sure if DanTDM will like the fact that he’s being killed a bunch of times, the real one.

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@DanTDM. Hmm… that doesn’t work.


XD (nothing here XD)

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Why are you saying that here? That’s off topic, if you’re going to make off topic / spam comments, please stop telling other people not to do the same, you as well SuperSmacker.

I’ll just delete all of my off-topic posts.
@Anna @Seojin_Roy_Lee @ritic @Chaboi_3000 @Gamestack you guys should delete your off-topic posts too.

Nah just keep it, but make sure no off topics from now on.

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that reply is somewhat off topic, and so is this.

if you know your post is off topic then delete it :stuck_out_tongue: (or you can just tell them in PM)

Looks like I should have put that too in PM but i don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday @Hellenar! :sunglasses: :smile: :game_die:

@Hellenar that chocolate cake looks tasty :smiley: can I have a slice?

@Hellenar Happy birthday :birthday::birthday::birthday:

Update: Ritic the cold’s original form??? Anyways, he looks pretty sick. :cloud_with_lightning: I found this when burrowing in codecombat’s ancient files: