"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)


I thought Naria because , she’s quiet and she is great at stalking and blasting.


But you don’t need to stalk Death. The first thing he saw was an arrow/bullet pierce his eye.


Well I was going to make a theory about Senick but now others are saying Deth was hit by Naria. So my theory is ruined. Guess I have to find a new theory.


No, it’s fine. I like all of these ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking of creating a back story (It is just a theory of his back story. I am not sure if it will be true. It is just my guess. Besides is there a back story?) for Senick. But now for this theory others are saying that Naria is the one who shot out Death’s lenses. So others will just disagree with me.


Its all right this is a place where anyone can make theories.


There is no wrong answer.

(Okay, never mind, technically no one knows the answer since these are just theories and all, but still.)


I think that Ritic(unconscious) was lost until someone discovered him in the glacier, as the first levels that require ritic the cold are in the glacier.


Well when Rict (unconscious) can’t move, so the Master ranger must have draged OR used a horse and put him in the glacier.


Ritic does equal Death (Yes, the capital D death) because a “Legend tells of a master ranger who used this rifle to shoot out the left eye of Death itself.”, which is just like the images of him. It is in the precision rifle. Who that master ranger is, we don’t know.

Sorry if I am necro-posting!


Check out the first post in the topic…


I know, right? I think so too.


But it says in the description of ritic the cold that he was forged in the depths of the glacier. It also says he did not know who he was which supports the theory of his memory erased. The master ranger is probably someone else who is not added in yet.


What if you equipped fine telephoto Halsey to Ritic, doesn’t @Hellenar s theory say that the fine telephoto glasses have ritics eye?


I don’t recall ever saying that (though Xzanos did); to the best of my knowledge it has been shattered forever.
Although if a glasses maker was lucky enough to stumble upon a shard or two…:wink: But I would prefer the Twilight Glasses (those are more OP and can see through walls and to an infinite range).
Legends say that anyone who looks into the Twilight Glasses can see all, and perhaps know all…


Sometimes the twilight glasses can backfire on you, becasue if you see an enemy that is through a wall, you might try to go through that wal.


Good point…once I did a forest adventurer level with Twilight Glasses and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong…turns out they’re #2swag5me OP :joy:


Ritic might be made out of gas or a shadow because his body got taken away and now he wears gold armor.




You see the shadow?
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