"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)


His shadow will probably fly away if he takes off his armor?


probably not. after all, codecombat is magical.




Are their armor made out of the same material?


The rings on his arms?


sounds good to me to be honest.


Wow this is so good, I love it!


The weird thing is, even though you use okar and equip him with the most OP armor, it appears that he doesn’t wear any armor.


@Gamestack There is no way Okar and Ritic are wearing armor forged by the same blacksmith. (Might be same material tho) This is because Ritic is forged in Kelvintaph and Okar is in the desert


Okar was lost in the desert, but could have been a goliath in exile and took refuge in kelvintaph, and got lost and kidnapped by the skeletons to the desert


Kidnapped by skeletons? -_- Okar is super strong. With a wave of his hand, the skeletons will turn into a pile of bones.


Maybe skeletons were stronger and skeletons used magic to keep him in captive?


Since when did skeletons know magic?

If they know magic why do they use swords


They WERE stronger. also some of them still know magic but cast them with their sword.


Then why did the skeletons let him go though? Why didn’t they take him to Thoktar and force him to become an ogre?


Okar could have found a lightstone during his time of captive. And the skeletons aren’t in team ogres.


evil is corrupting cloud rip mountain.


Ritic is so mean! (20)


lol i didn’t html that when I logged on that happend


Oh yeah that happens a lot.