"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)


But anyways evil is taking over!!!


Ritic has destroyed cloud rip mountain and the people and animals on it. :open_mouth: but he has saved the ogres.



It might have been Naria who shot out his eye because the gun kind of looks like its her style


brown and gold… her clothes and the gun


The gun looks like materials made out of ritic.


Yeah maybe when she shot his eye out she collected the pieces and edited her gun?


You see ritics non shot out eye?


It’s blue and his other eye was probably colored blue too. And when Naria shot out his eye she probably got the blue and put it on her scope. See the blue on the scope below.


What about it?
(20 Chars)

Edit: Oh my gosh!




Is my theory good? Idk


It is a good theory, considering how they look similar and how a ranger shot it out, but what if it were the master ranger?


Wow this topic was made on my birthday.


And also maybe when the ranger shot Ritic there was probably something in the bullet that caused Ritic to forget everything.


Like something that makes you amnesic as well as tranquilized?


@Gamestack, Ritic is made of shadows (so probably he was drugged or something to make sure he forgot everything), since the bullet would pass right through his body without any effects. Also, if the ranger shot his eye out, shouldn’t his eye (the glass thing) shatter?

I think the ranger shot his eye out, and he was crying because he lost his eye, and in the meantime the ranger (Naria) used hide and drugged him, then kidnapped him and threw him into the glaciers so he will never come back. Or so she thought.


@SuperSmacker she collected the blue and glued it together.
(not glued put it together idk XD)


The bullet was probably made to kill ritic?


Maybe. Who knows, except the creators of Codecombat.