"Sandstorm Blitz" Bugs and Feedback

That’s all right, we still have 1 month left, so take your time! :+1:

Changed parameters a little. Now storms damage for 1hp (each frame 0.1s) and reducing cooldowns is -0.4s. I hope it encourages player to use them for collecting items.


A smart one!! XD (wHy 20 Chars)

Could there also be a way to figure out the radius of the sandstorms for picking up objects/hitting enemies?
Also, does anyone know what the borders that the sandstorms bounce off are?

hero.findItems() is returning items with negative y coordinates, i assume this is the default item prefab(the main item) that gets cloned, but it somehow also catched by the method) (you should also check other default items that will be cloned, they could get catched in the .find methods)

Storm parameters can be read directly. storm.range and storm.damage

Thank you. Should be Fixed.

The troop walking up
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 1.29.47 PM

@Bryukh Why is this happening???

It is not allowing me to use distance

i have had this problem too


is returning nothing for blue

also, for the “big” going offpath i think it’s because of the “goliath” spell, the hitbox gets so big that sometimes the physics will think the collission its not in front of the unit, so it pushes it to the side, which causes other collission to push it more to the side.

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also, can you add a lifespan property to pickable items? i see that they dissapear after quite some time if not collected.

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This is weird. Can’t reproduce it. What’s your nickname? Will try to reproduce it with your account.

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No problem. Added ‘lifespan’ property for items.

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Could you give the link to the match so I could research the problem?

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Wondering how it worked even for red :slight_smile:
Should be fixed, check it, please.

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so sorry i cant find it. that is not a spectate though😭

(my age is lower than 11 so i am afraid to speak in front of leaders😔)

No problem. Your feedback is useful. Just then you see such issue next time - send me please the url so I can find your opponent and need your nickname. Those data allow me to find a match.

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I’m pretty sure this is the match, however, now I don’t see anyone going up.

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The nickname is goutham123