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Treasure Trove #1


Number 1 in treasure trove!




Hmmm… you made me realize that I do very poorly at this level, so I updated my code a bit. See you at the top! :wink:


update: in just 3 hours I climbed to the top 20! :slight_smile: hoorray!!!



Your code beat mine taking me off #1:sob:

Oh well… It was bound to happen sooner or later anyway, especially as I was unable to beat Glacian or nemoatpeace…

I updated my blue code so it was able to beat you… Unfortunately, It caused me to loose against some else.

That's a lot of skeletons


Now, THAT is an dirty trick :rage: …but I see that others use it as well.

Shall we ask for banning the hammers? :smiling_imp:


My formerly 1st place code uses it as well. It is actually quite hard to get into the top 10 with it as you will loose to all sorts of random people… or tie with people with broken code.

Personally, think a better solution for balancing would be to allow players to jump over fences… I was really surprised that it wasn’t possible. Then again I also think that allowing summoning in a level where the boss star is banned is equally cheap.

Good news is that I fought you using the fight button, so it wasn’t ranked.


You may be right about that. However, banning the Boss Stars is easy – but banning spells could be more difficult.


That is true. You can ban the items that require these, perhaps. Banning the Golden Wand and the Unholy Tome V would take care of this issue.


… and the vine staff too (summon burl).


Changing the rules a full year after it was introduced might cause more problems then it is worth (I am pretty sure some people currently on the top 10 might have a few objections). I would actually rather have a new multi-player level (that would be a nice forum topic What multi-player level would you like to see?)

And you may want to resubmit your code to make it to the top 10. I would resubmit both at the same time and have one always lose to the other

This should do the trick
def throwTheGame():
    otherMe = []
    enemies = self.findEnemies()
    for enemy in enemies:
        if enemy.type == self.type and enemy.maxHealth == self.maxHealth:
    while otherMe[0]:
        self.say("I don't want to fight")
        self.say("I want to dance!")
        for i in range(100):
            x = (round(*100) % 10) * 10
            y = (round(*100) % 10) * 10
            self.move({'x': x, 'y': y})

Math.random() would work too… I just couldn’t figure out how to call it as a hero…
And yes, code like this is probably why the simulations are so unstable…

In other news congrats to Chronist Gilverbrind for making the top 10 with Tharin.


Yes, it’s better not to change the rules now. Which makes both our solutions valid (even if it’s cheap or dirty ;-))

:question: By the way, is there a way to detect fences?!

Regarding your code: just put enemyHero = self.findEnemies[0] as the first line of your code and you have your opponent. Or simply use the name "Hero Placeholder" or "Hero Placeholder 1", depending on your team (red/blue).


I usually detected lack of movement or lack of coin collecting for knowing if I was trapped in a fence.

isPathClear() can detect the blockage

I have decided next I will try for Harrowlands… Last Place.

What am I doing wrong on Harrowlands!

Congrats on top 10 blue team. :tada:
You are currently ranked at #4.