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[SOLVED] Is it possible to reset levels on map?

Hello I was wandering if its somehow possible to have levels reset on the map meaning have the flag be blue and up again after ive passed it
there are spesific stages i would like to go back to later and try them again if its levels i was struggling with and used help from forum with them and would like to have them flagged again so i can see which i want to return to…
thx ^^

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You can reset your account what will make you start all over again. Is this what you want?

I was thinking more of resetting spesific levels

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You mean to start the code on a specific level like you did not modified that level’s code?

yes! 20charactersneededtopost

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Well, first you enter in the level, then click the button restart in the right up corner of the screen, then you click reload all and done. Do you need any more assistance?

i mean to have on the map it self the flag back like here image

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No. You can’t do that unfourtunaly.

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That’s right. Other than the Restart that Andrei explained, it’s an all or nothing procedure. All equipment, earned gems, maps, etc will be reset back to their starting levels/state. However, if you purchased any gem packs, these will be retained.

@Ksensei, If you are wanting to redo certain levels in the order they are presented, this might help:
Levels List w/ Links